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Friday Night Triples League Rules for 2020


1. The League Competition for this year shall comprise of 2 Divisions.

2. The game shall consist of two Triples from each Club, with one playing at home the other away. Points scored by each Club are as follows:

          2 points for winning the home game (1 point each club if it’s a drawn game)

          2 points for winning the away game (1 point each Club if it’s a drawn game)

          2 points for the Club winning the combined score of both matches (1 point each Club if combined score is a draw)

3. Teams consist of any 6 club members (all Men, all Ladies or Mixed). 18 ends to be played and full scores recorded.

4. If there is a “No end” during play it should be replayed.

5. If a Club is unable or does not arrive to play a match, then 6 points and a shot difference of +5 shots will be
awarded to the opponents and -5 shots to the defaulting team (only full teams can play home and away).

6. The semi-finals will be played between the winners of League 1 playing the runners up of League 2 and the winners of League 2 will play runners up of League 1. Any clubs finishing level on points IN THEIR DIVISION the winner and runner-up place will be decided on shot difference.

7. All games must be played on the Friday of the week nominated for the fixture and both home and away on the same evening. However, if mutually accepted the game can take place earlier on another day or time but must be completed by the Friday of the week nominated for the fixture.

8. Deadline for Matches to start is 6.15 and no matches to start after 6.45

9. Both Clubs will email their Club's scores and the names of the 6 players who played to the League Secretary ( immediately following each match. THIS IS IMPORTANT AS IT IS NEEDED TO PUBLISH RESULTS AND KEEP AN UP- TO-DATE LEAGUE TABLE. Weekly results and League positions will be available on the BB&DBA Website (

10. The Semi-Final will be played at HSBC on either the 19th or 21st August at 5:45 or at another mutually acceptable neutral green by the 21st August. If the combined score results in a draw, then an extra end will be played by the rink that was chosen prior to the game by the club who won the toss of the coin. If required please contact Eunice Pain on 01689 838368 / 07890 728807 or arrange game at another venue.

11. Those taking part in the Final must have played in at least one earlier round of the Triples League.

12. Competitions will be played under the rules laid down by England Bowls Association. All bowls shall bear the legible stamp no older than 1987 in the Finals of any Competition. The Appointed Umpire for the Finals will check all woods and the decision to eligibility is theirs in all cases.

13. The Final will be part of the Competition Finals Day and Presentation Dinner Event on 13 September 2020 at HSBC Bowls Club.