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The following sub-committees exist to assist with the day to day business of the Association;

Emergency Committee:

The President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary


Selection Committee:

The President , Senior Vice-President and Match Secretary/s


Tour Committee:

The President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President,

Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and Match Secretary

Chairman chosen by the Committee





The objects of the Association shall be:

(a) To stimulate interest in the game of Bowls within the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding Districts.

(b) To promote, organize and superintend various competitions among members of the constituent clubs.

(c) To promote, organize and superintend matches against other Associations and clubs.


Membership shall be open to all properly constituted clubs within the London Borough of Bromley and surrounding Districts which are affiliated to their County Bowling Association.


(a) The Annual Subscription shall be such as may be fixed at the Annual General Meeting, payable by 1st April each year. Any club failing to make this payment shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership as long as such subscription remains unpaid.

(b) Application by clubs for admission to the Association shall be made to the Honorary Secretary in writing, and must be accompanied by the Annual Subscription, a list of officers of the club, the name of the proposed delegate and the address of the Honorary Secretary and of the green.


(a) The affairs of the Association will be managed by a Management Committee consisting of 3 Officers and 6  Committee Members.

The Officers of the Association shall be: The President, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.

The Committee Members shall be: The Senior Vice-President, the Junior Vice-President, the Competition Secretary, the Fixture Secretary, the League Secretary and the Match Secretary.

(b) The day to day running of the Association shall be managed by the Committee.

(c) The Officers of the Association and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year.

(d) The Senior and Junior Vice-Presidents shall be agreed and nominated by the committee. Affiliated Clubs may recommend nominations to the Management Committee and any such recommendations must be received in writing by the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.

(e) The Management Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies in the Management Committee arising during the year. The Management Committee can extend for yearly periods the committee membership of a Past President for a maximum of 2 years. Any Past President may be re-elected to the Management Committee at a future time.

(f) The Management Committee shall have power to elect Honorary Vice-Presidents for special services rendered to the game but such Vice-Presidents, although entitled to attend Annual General Meetings shall have no right to vote at those meetings unless nominated to represent an Affiliated club of the Association.

(g) The Management Committee may appoint such Sub-Committees as it thinks necessary.

(h) Five Management Committee members of whom at least one is an officer shall constitute a quorum.


(a) The Honorary Secretary shall convene, attend and prepare minutes for the Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meetings and all meetings of the Management Committee. They shall sign all General correspondence of the Association.

(b) The funds of the Association shall be kept in a bank approved by the Management Committee. The Honorary Treasurer will deposit all monies, cheques or cash, received and shall pay all liabilities of the Association by cheque, cash or bank transfer agreed by the Committee so far as the funds in their hands shall permit. All receipts and payments shall be recorded into the Associations books, manual or computerized, and an Income and Expenditure Account will be prepared for the Annual Financial Statement of the Association for each Financial Year ending 31 December. The Financial Statement will be duly approved by an Independent Examiner elected for that purpose and shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting.

(c) All members of the Management Committee, excluding co-opted members, are to be signatories for any cheques. All cheques shall require two signatures, one of which shall be the Honorary Treasurer except in exceptional circumstances agreed by the Management Committee at the time of payment.

(d) Any direct debits, written payment instructions or changes to the Bank Mandates sent to the Associations' bank shall be signed by two members of the Management Committee, one of which shall be the Honorary Treasurer. Where there are two members of the Committee who are married, partners or members of the same family they shall not be the two signatories on any of the payment instruments listed including cheques. All agreements, contracts or written confirmations of agreement to financial liability which have been accepted and agreed by the Management Committee shall be signed by the Honorary Treasurer.

(e) On retiring from office, the Honorary Treasurer must hand over to his/her successor or to the Honorary Secretary, all documents, accounting and Bank records, and any cash or assets belonging to the Association.

7 ANNUAL AND OTHER GENERAL MEETINGS (a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held by 31st of March of each year. 28 days notice of all Annual General Meetings shall be given to affiliated clubs. Each Affiliated club shall be entitled to send two voting delegates to any Annual General Meeting of the Association. Members of Affiliated clubs may attend Annual General Meetings and may take part in discussions but shall not be entitled to vote.

(b) An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association will be summoned within 21 days at the request of any five Affiliated clubs to consider the business set forth in the Requisition. The Requisition must state clearly the nature of the matter at issue and be signed by and on behalf of each appealing Club by three senior officers of each club. No other business may be discussed.

8 ALTERATION AND INTERPRETATION OF RULES These rules shall not be altered or rescinded except with the consent of at least two thirds of the Members present and entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose. The Committee shall have the power to deal with all matters relating to the Association not provided for in these Constitution and Rules.

9 BB&DBA BADGED PLAYERS The Association, at its A.G.M. for 2005, agreed that BB&DBA Badged players will continue to be eligible to represent the BB&DBA even if their current club is not a BB&DBA Affiliated Club.

10 GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS (a) To ensure compliance with the regulation which came into force on 25th May 2018, the committee agreed a Data Protection Policy Statement and produced a Consent Form for Members of the Association to sign.

(b) To ensure continuing compliance with this legislation the Committee will undertake an annual review of the Policy Statement and Consent Form.

(c) Copies of the Policy Statement and Consent Form will be given to all New Association Members

(d) All Association Members will be expected to confirm at least annually the information to be held by the BB&DBA and they shall provide details of any changes that occur during the year.