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Rules of the Association's Competitions


1. An entrance fee set by the Association is payable for all or any of these competitions and shall be paid by the Affiliated Club with the annual subscription each year. Competitions shall consist of:

     - Champion of Champions – Men's Singles and Ladies Singles

     - Pairs, Triples and Fours Competition

     - Friday Night Triples League (see separate rules for this Competition)

2. These Competitions are open to all members of an Affiliated Club.

3. For the Champion of Champions competition the Club Champions, or if the Champion can not take part the Losing Finalists of the immediate past season, are eligible to enter and must enter in the name of the Club to which he/she belonged when they won their Championship and be a fully paid‑up member of that Club at the time of the Competition. If that Club should no longer exists, or the Champion has joined another Affiliated Club at the time of the present years Competition, they may play as Champion of the previous Club but must play all of their games away from their present club ground.

4. Each Club may be represented in the Pairs by one Pair, the Triples by one Triple, and in the Fours by one Four. The Club may select any of their players for each round of the Competition and shall not be restricted to selecting players who have played in previous rounds. However, any member selected to play in the final must have played in a previous round of that Competition (i.e. Pairs, Triples and Fours). Teams may consist of all Men or all Ladies or be a Mixed team.

5. The Semi-Finals of all Competitions shall be played either at HSBC on one of the 2 dates notified or at another neutral green to be arranged by the Challenger by the latest date notified.

6. The Winning Clubs shall retain possession of their Competition trophy (or trophies) for one year and shall be responsible for their safe custody. The name of the Club shall be inscribed annually on the trophies for Pairs, Triples and Fours and on the Champion of Champions Cups, the name of the Winners and their Clubs.

7. The Competitions shall be on a "knock out" system and each Competition will be subject to a draw. The first named Club in the draw being the Challenger, shall have the choice of green, except as provided in Rule 5. The ‘play by date’ of each round of the Competition is published on the Competition Sheets forwarded to each Club. The Challenger Club shall offer three different days for play of which 1 must be a weekday afternoon, 1 must be a weekday evening and 1 must be a weekend day unless alternative choice (e.g. all weekday evenings) is agreed by mutal consent of both clubs. The opponent must accept one of the three days named.

8. Should any tie not be concluded by the date fixed for each round the Competitor Club defaulting will be removed from the Competition and the tie awarded to their opponents. An extension of time for play may be allowed by the
Association's Competition Secretary in special circumstances.

9. The winning Club should either forward both Team’s scorecards showing the result and the names of players or email the full information to the Association's Competition Secretary ( within 48 hours of the tie being played. Winning Clubs failing to do so may render themselves liable to be removed from the competition. Each Club on notifying the result should also include the name and contact details of the person who needs to be informed of their next opponent.

10. Competitions will be played under the rules laid down by England Bowls Association. All bowls shall bear the legible stamp no older than 1985 in the Finals of any Competition. The Appointed Umpire for the Finals will check all woods and the decision to eligibility is theirs in all cases.

11. No player can be in 2 finals as ALL FINALS matches take place at the same time.

12. A player who is a member of 2 Clubs can only play a BB&DBA competition for 1 of those Clubs and not different competitions for either Club.